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Triple Layer Technology

  • Layer 1 – Soft, moisture-wicking fabric that draws any leaking breastmilk away from your body, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable

  • Layer 2 – Moisture absorbing layer that quickly soaks up any excess breastmilk

  • Layer 3 – Leakproof layer that stops breastmilk from getting onto your clothes or bedding. This layer can soak up to 50mls of breastmilk in one use.


Removable, waterproof breast pads that provide full coverage comfort
Our patent-pending, eco-friendly breast pads are invented on a unique, scientific design.


Functional and Fitted Design

The metal pop buttons ensure the breast pads are easy and quick to get on and off, whilst the elasticated waistband keeps the pads in place. This means the pads stay form-fitting whilst you exercise, sleep at night, and go about your daily routine, stopping any leakage occurring.

Less adjustment, more comfort.

Better for Mother’s, Better for Mother Nature

Using our breast pads will reduce the number of disposables going to landfill.

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