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  • What is Milk on tap sustainable breast pads and how does it work?
    Milk on tap clothing is a patent pending sustainable breast pads specifically designed for breastfeeding mums who are experiencing alot of breastmilk leakage and would like to wear something that doesn't involve a bra. The removable breast pads comes with a dress that is breastfeeding friendly. The removable breast pads is a polyester microfleece stay dry close to the skin to draw moisture away from your breasts, one absorbant layer in the middle and a waterproof fabric with polyurethane laminate that retains the moisture within the soaker and stops it from leaking everywhere. The breast pads covers the breast area completely and comes with a dress that . The snap buttons are located on the side seams and above the breast to keep the breast pads in place and are not visible from the outside of the sleepwear. The elasticated waist also helps to keep the breast pad in place.
  • Is it breastfeeding friendly?
    Yes, the dresses are breast feeding friendly. It has a front zipper. To breastfeed, simply unzip, undo the snap button above the breast to lower the breast pads and latch your baby.
  • What is included in the breast pads?
    One pack has 2 breast pads and a breastfeeding dress. Please check to make sure the size of the dresses and the soaker match.
  • What is dress made of?
    The outer dress is made of 100% cotton which is light weight, durable and feels soft against your skin.
  • Should I wash my breast pads and dress prior to use?
    Yes, anything that is going to come in contact with your precious baby should be washed prior to usage. Washing the breast pads increases the absorbancy and the functionality.
  • When should I wear my breast pads with the dress?
    It can be worn anytime you are leaking or when you don't want to wear a bra. Note: The dresses without the soaker can still be worn after you have finished leaking.
  • Can the breast pads be worn with any other clothing brands?
    No, as other clothing brands does not have the attachment for it and the breast pad is patent pending which is exclusively designed for Milk on tap clothing.
  • Will I feel wet?
    Not a chance! Milk on tap clothing soaker has been rigorously and scientifically tested by the founder who had breastfed her 2 kids. The fabrics has been carefully choosen based on its optimal performance.
  • How often should I change and care for Milk on tap clothing breast pads?
    Hygiene is pretty important when you are breastfeeding. No one wants a nasty infection or bad odour so we recommend changing your removable breast pad for a clean one every night, particularly if you have a strong let down or leaking constantly. Wash your breast pads often on a cold gentle machine / hand wash WITHOUT the fabric softner. Make sure the soaker is completely dry before re-use. If it has a damp odour, soak it in 1 cup vinegar to 5L water ratio for atleast 30 minutes and re-wash the breast pads. DO NOT tumble dry or dry clean.
  • Will the dress and breast pad provide support to my breasts like a bra?
    No, the dress and breast pads are designed for comfort. If you are looking for the support that a bra provides, I would suggest that you continue wearing a bra.
  • I have a large cup size, will the dress and breast pad work for me?"
    We offer sizes XS to 4XL. Please measure your bust properly (engorged breast - use your actual measurement plus 1cm. For a fully drained breast or pregnant breast, place both of clenched fist on each breast and then take the measurement to ensure that you fit properly. If you require any additional sizes that is not available, feel free to email us at
  • Can I track my package?
    Once you have placed your order, you will recieve an email to notify you on the movement of your order including a tracking number. This includes a notification that your order has been shipped. If you do not receive any email, please check your spam folder as it might have been forwarded there. All the packages require a signature before delivery. If you believe your item should have already arrived and it has not, please inquire with Australia post first, if the issue hasnt been resolved, please contact us at
  • How do I return my items?
    If you wish to return your items for a refund, exchange or a store credit, please follow the steps below to ensure we can process your items efficiently. Step 1: Please ensure you have tried Milk on tap sleepwear on top of your bra. MIlk on tap clothing does not cover for return postage or refund the cost of return postage. please view our return policy. Step 2: Contact us immediately on after you have recieved the package and tell us your reason for your return. Step 3: Please return back in original packaging with tags to us via a traceable method like registered post or express post at: Milk on tap clothing returns, 3/2 Peel Road, Coogee, WA. 6166 We aim to process returns refunds/ exchange/ store credit within 7 - 10 business days of recieving them in our Perth warehouse, however during high - volume periods, especially around the holidays and sales, could cause delays. If you are concerned that your return has been delivered but not processed in a timely fashion, please email us at with your return tracking number and we will be happy to look into this further for you. Please note, we do not claim responsibility for any lost return items.
  • Where do you ship from?
    We ship everything from our Perth warehouse in Western Australia
  • Are you still shipping?
    Yes, we are shipping as usual. Orders placed will be dispatched within 2 business days (or the next business day if it's a weekend. Please note there are a few delays with Australia post due to Covid and reduced flights.
  • Do you do international orders?
    Not at this point in time but there is a possibility in the future.
  • Any more questions?
    Please email us if you have any questions or suggestions about Milk on tap clothing. We'd love to help you out!

Got any questions about our breastfeeding dresses or our sustainable breast pads. Here are some FAQ's to guide you.

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