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As a female-founded business, Milk on Tap Clothing is designed by a mother, for all mothers.


Milk on tap clothing was founded in July 2020 by S Arsha Gardiner .
Here's how it all started.


Upon the birth of my son, I started breastfeeding and was wearing a bra with breast pads without a break to stop my breastmilk leaking into my clothes and beddings. Breast pads didn't provide much coverage so my clothes were always wet. The bra felt really tight due to breast engorgement that lead to blocked ducts. Also the selection of sleepwear with easy breastfeeding access was also very limited.

I wondered, wouldn't it be nicer if there was something that was comfortable, was stylish, had easy breastfeeding access and didn't have to wear a bra to bed, yet still keep me protected against leakage. I tried to find a solution to my problem but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. 


The 'aha' moment



Breastfeeding is a natural thing but it didn't come naturally to me. I was always leaking and hated wearing a bra which either got too tight when I was engorged or too loose when my breasts were fully drained. The breast pads would move when I laid sideways in bed. The milk continued to leak due to insufficient coverage in the breast pads. Being sleep deprived and waking up wet with wet sheets was a nightmare. Sometimes I just fed my son in wet clothes as I had no time to change nor did have energy due to sleep deprivation. Due to the tightness of the bra, I had blocked ducts 3 -4 times a week for 11 months. My breastfeeding experience was not enjoyable at all but kept on doing it because I felt like I was going to be a bad mum if I didn't breastfeed.

The painful breastfeeding journey continued....


I bought a sewing machine

MARCH 2020


I was 4 months pregnant and the thought of breastfeeding wearing a bra 24 x 7 horrified me. I really want to solve my problem so I bought a sewing machine with some fabrics to trial out some patterns I had in mind. The first prototype I made was such a disaster. It wasn't the right fabrics. After countless research, I found the right fabrics. Ordered them online and started creating many different prototypes and trialling all of them while I was breastfeeding. To be honest, breastfeeding wasn't so bad this time and out of my 13 months breastfeeding, I only had 2 blocked ducts and I was comfortable. In those first initial months, I focussed more on my sleep and looking after my 2 kids rather than worrying about leakage.


Patent application

After months of trialling, I finally applied to get my idea patented. My application finally got accepted by IP Australia in July 2020


JULY 2020

Milk on tap clothing was born

Over the course of a few months, I along the help of a business advisor, hustled to get Milk on tap website up and ready for business nationwide.

The site finally launched on 17th April, 2021. 



Hi! I’m S Arsha Gardiner – mother, scientist, and founder of Milk on Tap Clothing.

I set out with the goal of filling a gap in the market: creating removable, leakproof breast pads that provide more coverage.

I knew mamma’s like you and me needed a better option to make breastfeeding comfortable and stress-free. No more anxieties about waking up to damp sheets or leaking in an important meeting.  And so began Milk on Tap Clothing.

I also wanted to create a product that minimised impact on the planet.


Moving away from disposable soaking pads, to sustainable breast pads, and including removable, reusable features, meaning our dresses can be worn long after your breastfeeding journey comes to an end.



At Milk On Tap, we believe that, no matter what stage of life a mum is in, she deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable. 
Furthermore, in understanding that the life of a mum is full of ups and downs, the clothing a mum wears should help her to embrace her journey and enhance her inner beauty. 
Let’s say it loud -- we are mums, we lactate, we deserve clothing that is well-designed, stylish, and comfortable. 



We are a conscious company doing our part to minimize excess waste. 
Milk On Tap has taken the proper steps to remove as much plastic as possible from our brand. The packaging we use is compostable while the cloth gift bags are reusable. On top of that, each sleepwear item is designed with elevated detailing that extends the life of the clothing. Moving away from disposable soaking pads, we include removable, reusable features. 
Our sustainability pledge is to ensure less waste, clothing or plastics, ends up in landfills.   

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